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Community Impact Grant funding requests should present innovative approaches to meeting the health and human services needs of our community. Although we recognize that there are many pressing community needs, in order to maximize our impact, priority will be given to projects and initiatives that are collaborative and/or address issues identified through the Community Plan—Education, Income and Health. Other factors for funding consideration include measurable outcomes, programs that meet currently unmet needs and the agency’s capacity and ability to sustain the project/program.

All organizations considering applying for Community Impact Grant funds must meet all of the following minimum requirements:

  • Operate as a:

    501 (c) (3) non-profit organization, or
    Organization with a fiscal agent that is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization, or
    Unit of government or unit of tribal government, or Non-501 (c) 3 organization if certain criteria are met. These include:

    1. The funds are distributed for specific projects that are in furtherance of the funding organization’s charitable purposes;
    2. The funding 501(c) (3) organization retains discretion and control as to the use of the funds by the funded organization; and
    3. The funding organization maintains records documenting that the funds were used for 501(c) (3) purposes.

  • Operate with a voluntary Board of Directors.

  • Operate under written Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws that define the applicant’s purposes, membership, management, governance and operation.

  • Operate on a non-discriminatory basis in employment, recruitment of volunteers and delivery of services.

  • Demonstrate effective program and operational performance, financial responsibility and accountability.

  • Has a twelve month history of establishment within the Matanuska-Susitna Borough and provides service within the Matanuska-Susitna Borough.

  • Accounts for its funds in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and was audited/financial review by an independent certified public accountant for the last fiscal year.

  • Provides or will provide regular information to Alaska’s 2-1-1 system.

  • Will comply with United Way of Mat-Su’s contractual obligations, including outcome and client demographic data reporting, submission of financial report and all other requirements.

  • Will certify compliance with Patriot Act requirements.

Grants must provide funding for services or activities that align with the United Way of Mat-Su’s Community Investment Initiatives: Education, Income & Health.


Children and Youth Achieve Their Potential
All children and youth reach their fullest potential in a safe and nurturing environment.
Goal: Engage and empower parents and caregivers to make the most of children’s early years.
Goal: More students in the Mat-Su Valley will graduate on-time.
Goal: Enhance awareness and pursuit of career opportunities and skills development.


Financial Stability and Independence
Reduction of poverty through increased economic opportunity, stability and self-sufficiency.
Goal: Mat-Su Borough residents have the opportunity to earn a living wage.
Goal: Mat-Su Borough residents have access to food, shelter, primary health care, transportation and disaster services.


A healthy, thriving community with access to healthcare for all.
Goal: Mat-Su Borough residents engage in safe, healthy behaviors while limiting risk and increasing protective factors for all ages.
Goal: Promotion of primary prevention through grassroots, inclusive initiatives that reduce substance abuse and increase engagement with local youth.
Goal: Mat-Su Borough residents have access the services and providers they need, at an affordable rate.